Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I become a substitute teacher?

Substitute teachers are a valuable resource who can make lasting impressions on students’ lives. Working as a substitute teacher, you’re able to provide a needed service, while expanding your network and gaining valuable on-the-job experience. Our teachers are often first in line to obtain long-term positions and full-time jobs. At ESS | Source4Teachers, you’re able to gain these experiences while enjoying flexible scheduling and benefits.

Are there currently any open positions with ESS | Source4Teachers?

Yes, we have immediate openings available.

Where can I work?

As an ESS |  Source4Teachers substitute, you are eligible to work within any of our client districts. Once you have been activated in our automated system, you will have the ability to create a preferred schools list. From there you will specify the schools you prefer to work in and those you do not.

Where are your districts?

We currently partner with more than 180 school districts in a variety of states throughout the U.S.

How do I get hired?

Applicants are first screened through a phone interview.  Then they are invited to a group interview.  Once they are accepted, they must confirm their credentials are up-to-date. The final step is attending a full-day ESS | Source4Teachers training class.

What credentials do I need?

Credentialing is different in every state.  We suggest speaking directly with your ESS | Source4Teachers recruiter to find out exactly what is needed.

Why do you require training?

Training is a pre-employment requirement for all new  ESS | Source4Teachers employees. We find that our full-day training seminar prepares our employees for the classroom and it is regarded by its attendees as interactive and engaging. We always hear our teachers have learned something new, even if they have been in the classroom for years.

How many days are substitute teachers expected to work?

We require our substitute teachers to work a minimum of eight days per month.

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