Substitute Teacher

Having worked as a full-time teacher for 34 years, Ellen Kuenyl, who is now an elementary school substitute teacher, has seen first-hand how Source4Teachers has benefited school districts. “From what I see in the elementary schools, Source4Teachers has been very good. When a teacher is absent, I very rarely see classes that are not covered by a substitute or that have to be covered by other teachers – that used to occur frequently.”

Ellen has seen the personal benefits of working with Source4Teachers, as well. “I’m completely satisfied with the services I’ve received from Source4Teachers. The staff is wonderful – I can’t give them higher praise for their politeness, cooperation and interest. I typically work four or five days a week, and I’ve done a number of long-term subbing jobs for teachers on maternity leave. I signed-up with Source4Teachers the very first day the company introduced itself to our school district. I’m able to choose my own jobs and my own schedule. With seven children, 21 grandchildren and a husband in physical rehabilitation therapy, I like the flexibility that subbing affords. I intend to continue subbing as long as I’m able. It’s the best of both worlds: I have the flexibility I need and can continue doing what I love – teaching.”