Burlington Township School District Paraprofessional Receives “Impact Award”

November 16, 2016

MissionOne announced the award for Theresa Sever on Education Support Professionals Day, part of National Education Association’s 95th Annual American Education Week

BURLINGTON TOWNSHIP, NJ – MissionOne, a leading national provider of educational managed solutions in K-12 schools, today announced that it has named Theresa Sever the recipient of its first annual “Impact Award.” Sever is a classroom assistant at Burlington Township School District, a district partner of MissionOne since 2011. She is being recognized for her exemplary record of service.

The award was announced on Education Support Professionals Day, part of the National Education Association’s (NEA) 95th Annual American Education Week.

“Education Support Professionals Day is an ideal moment to recognize Theresa and say ‘thank you,’” said Andy Hall, Chief Operating Officer at MissionOne. “She plays a critical role in educating Burlington Township’s students, and is truly a model for what a paraprofessional should be – selfless, dedicated and constantly eager to pitch in. It’s not an easy job and can sometimes go unnoticed, but today we’re hoping to change that.”

Sever began working with MissionOne in September 2012. She currently serves as a classroom assistant at Fountain Woods Elementary School where she provides extra support to students in grades three through five in a self-contained special education classroom.

“I’m motivated by seeing the progression of the students from year to year,” Sever said. “The part I like best about my job is seeing the look on a student’s face when a concept clicks. That ‘aha’ moment is priceless! I feel that I’ve learned as much from my students as they’ve learned from being in our classes. Every day is a challenge and a blessing. I plan to continue my work in this field for as long as I’m able to make a difference.”

The MissionOne Impact Award was created to recognize a professional school support staff member from the organization’s network of 41 partner school districts who has made outstanding contributions in two categories:

  • Feedback from the school district that the staff member serves.
  • Proven commitment to going above and beyond what is expected of the support professional role.

“Terri Sever is an amazing classroom assistant,” said Leigh Yago, the teacher Sever assists at FountainWoods Elementary School. “She is a very patient, dedicated, organized and thoughtful person. She really cares for the students and the students love working with her. She is dedicated and goes above and beyond her duties in the classroom. We are very fortunate to have her in our school again this year.”

As part of her recognition, MissionOne is providing Sever with two financial prizes: a cash award in the amount of $500 and an additional $500 to be donated to the Fountain Woods Elementary School in Burlington Township. MissionOne will present her with an oversized check on November 16th at 2PM at the Fountain Woods Elementary School.

“Theresa Sever is an exceptional team member,” said MissionOne Area Manager, Daina Norman. “To see her working with students as part of an awesome team in her classroom is to understand what all paraprofessionals should aspire to be. Knowledgeable, helpful, consistent, and highly dedicated are all synonymous with Terri’s tenure with MissionOne. We are proud to honor her today.”

Sever has been working in education for 15 years. She currently lives in Edgewater Park, NJ with her husband of 37 years.

About MissionOne:
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