Staffing Solutions for School Districts

School District Staffing SolutionFilling part-time positions can be a full-time task – especially in today’s demanding educational environment. At ESS | Source4Teachers, our only job is helping you do yours as effectively and efficiently as possible. With years of experience in educational staffing, ESS | Source4Teachers has the ability to hire the necessary school personnel that your district requires and customize a program to meet your specific needs.

Positions we can fill include:

  • Daily and long-term teacher
  • Paraprofessional
  • Clerical
  • Support staff absences

We can fill these positions with highly skilled substitutes. We can also work with your district to implement an on-call substitute program in which you will have substitutes dedicated specifically to your school district and can fill whatever absences come up on a day-by-day basis.

Staff Recruitment and Training Programs

From recruiting and training, to credentialing to certification; from scheduling and administration, to payroll and benefits management, we can create solutions that deliver measurable benefits for your school district in cost and time. Leaving you free to focus on what matters most: your students.

Contact us for more information or to start customizing a program that meets your school district’s staffing needs.