District Frequently Asked Questions

What is Source4Teachers?

Source4Teachers is a leading educational staffing firm that caters to pre-kindergarten – 12th grade public and charter school districts. We specialize in the provision and coordination of substitute teachers and other substitute support personnel. Source4Teachers increases districts’ internal efficiencies, reduces program costs, provides jobs for community-based substitutes, and improves classroom continuity and student support.

Where is Source4Teachers available?

We currently partner with more than 180 school districts throughout various states in the U.S.

Will ESS | Source4Teachers hire our current employees?

Yes. ESS | Source4Teachers realizes your current substitutes and paraprofessionals are treasured members of your educational team and converting them into our program is one of our top priorities. We will employ, pay, and provide fringe benefits to your transitioning staff, allowing you to retain critical personnel at a reduced rate to your district.

How do you charge for your services?

Our programs are customized to fit the individual needs of each school district; therefore, the cost structure varies in every case. With each operation, we improve day-to-day efficiencies and provide substantial savings.

I am interested in learning more, what's next?

Our business development team will arrange a meeting to acquire a thorough understanding of your needs in order to structure a program that fits your specific requirements. We will then build a Feasibility Study/Cost Analysis highlighting the details of our program along with projected program costs and district savings.

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