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Allison Pflugh, 24, is currently a long-term third-grade teacher’s assistant. Allison earned a B.S. in elementary education and women and gender studies. “I learned about Source4Teachers during college while I was student teaching, and the teacher I worked with suggested I apply. After graduating and moving back home, I found that a local school district participated in Source4Teachers, and I began receiving calls for subbing jobs, including a long-term, two-month position as a teacher’s assistant. In the beginning of this school year, two more local school districts signed-up with Source4Teachers, so it widened the pool of available jobs. After taking several long-term positions, I became pretty well-established and got to know many of the teachers and administrators. I’ve even been fortunate enough to be requested by teachers when they know they’ll be out.”

With a passion for education, Allison has found that her experience through Source4Teachers has helped shape her teaching style as she begins her career. “Being able to work in a classroom has helped me grow as a future educator. Working in different districts through Source4Teachers has helped me decide where I want to be, as well as helped me to become familiar with the curriculum, find my strengths and weaknesses and feel more comfortable with what schools are doing in the area in which I want to work. Working with Source4Teachers has helped me get my feet wet and figure out which kind of teaching styles I want to implement in my classroom in the near future.”

Lindsay Radziak, 27, is currently a long-term high school AP/Honors English teacher. Certified to teach K-12, Lindsay earned a B.A. in English and Education. “I had been pretty successful finding long-term substitute positions where I did my practicum and student teaching, but after I got married and moved in 2010, I knew I needed help. So I turned my attention to the Internet and found Source4Teachers. I applied, knowing this could help my networking and outreach efforts, and I was placed in a long-term position in a high school teaching English and drama. Brian Engle, director of client services for Source4Teachers, visited my AP/Honors English classroom the other day. He said he saw my passion for teaching and offered to help me any way he can. He knows I am ultimately looking for a permanent position and I know Source4Teachers likes to advocate on behalf of their substitute employees who are seeking full-time work.”

Lindsay credits her passion for teaching to her third-grade teacher, who was also her neighbor. “Her enthusiasm for teaching made me want to become a teacher. She knew how to mix learning with fun. I knew when I went to college that I wanted to become a teacher. I also knew that I was going to graduate in the midst of an extremely tough economic time, and that’s why I turned to long-term substitute teaching. I knew I could gain experience while increasing my network. I believe working with Source4Teachers will help me obtain my goal of obtaining a permanent position. I love teaching and using my knowledge and passion for teaching to help today’s students be successful. With the help of Source4Teachers, I know I will find a position that is right for me.”

Brittany Alexander, 24, is a transportation assistant for elementary school students. “I’ve always wanted to work with children, so being around kids as a bus aide is great experience, especially as I prepare for a career in pediatric nursing. I help students on the bus, teach them to fasten their seatbelts and maintain order. We have several special-needs students on the bus, so I also help them. It’s rewarding to see their progress.”

With a degree in psychology, Brittany also holds a substitute teacher certification and is going back to school for nursing. She has found that Source4Teachers works with her busy and fluctuating schedule. “I started working with Source4Teachers as a substitute transportation assistant while I was in college. With my class schedule changing each semester, it was comforting to know that Source4Teachers would work with me to accommodate my availability. I know that I’ll be able to continue working with them, even as I begin nursing school. I’ve found that a lot of employers say they’re flexible but don’t follow through. Source4Teachers is the exception – they have worked with me every step of the way.”

Having worked as a full-time teacher for 34 years, Ellen Kuenyl, who is now an elementary school substitute teacher, has seen first-hand how Source4Teachers has benefited school districts. “From what I see in the elementary schools, Source4Teachers has been very good. When a teacher is absent, I very rarely see classes that are not covered by a substitute or that have to be covered by other teachers – that used to occur frequently.”

Ellen has seen the personal benefits of working with Source4Teachers, as well. “I’m completely satisfied with the services I’ve received from Source4Teachers. The staff is wonderful – I can’t give them higher praise for their politeness, cooperation and interest. I typically work four or five days a week, and I’ve done a number of long-term subbing jobs for teachers on maternity leave. I signed-up with Source4Teachers the very first day the company introduced itself to our school district. I’m able to choose my own jobs and my own schedule. With seven children, 21 grandchildren and a husband in physical rehabilitation therapy, I like the flexibility that subbing affords. I intend to continue subbing as long as I’m able. It’s the best of both worlds: I have the flexibility I need and can continue doing what I love – teaching.”

Michelle Ems, 31, is a third-grade teacher’s assistant. “I’ve been teaching for about 12 years, from pre-school to elementary school classes. Working with Source4Teachers has been one of the best experiences because I can work in a classroom with a teacher, help with lesson plans and teach students. I have a 10-year-old son, so between caring for him and working toward completing my bachelor’s degree in elementary education, Source4Teachers helps me maintain balance and a consistent schedule.”

Michelle also takes her lessons out of the classroom and onto the field. As a softball coach, she is able to select the players on her team and often chooses girls whom she has taught.

And Michelle has found a way to connect with her students even beyond the playing field. “I go to concerts all the time. In fact, I’ve been to probably 150-175 concerts. When I tell the kids that, they go crazy. They especially love that I listen to Justin Bieber and One Direction relating to them on that kind of level keeps them interested. Sometimes you have to act like a third-grader to hang with the third-graders.”